Kempenfelt Bay School (KBS) seeks students and families aligned with the school’s Mission and Values and who present as having a very real chance of finding happiness and success in our environment.

The admission process is designed to make determinations as quickly as possible about your child’s admissibility. Through the admission process, it is determined if your child is likely to succeed at and contribute to KBS. An aligned applicant is one who will both add to and thrive in our environment, and will, in addition to the academic life, take advantage of the opportunities available. 

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How to Apply

Step 1: Submit Your Application

Please complete our online application and submit the required supporting documents. Click here to access the online application form.

The application deadline for the 2024/2025 school year was Monday, December 8, 2023. Applications received after this deadline will be considered based on available space. Applications are open for the 2025/2026 school year.

Step 2: Interview and Assessment

During your Visit Day, an interview and assessment will be conducted by a member of the KBS Leadership Team. 

Step 3: Communicating Admissions Decisions

The school will communicate admissions decisions to families.

If at any time you have questions regarding the admissions process, please feel free to reach out to contact us.


The answer is simple - they want more and they want the best for their child.

Students at KBS receive an education that has strong academic foundations but also learn about the importance of character, confidence, community, and the arts. When our students graduate from Kempenfelt Bay School they leave with endless opportunities and the mindset to achieve greatness. 

At Kempenfelt Bay School, we recognize that families who choose a KBS education are making an investment in their child’s education. In order to help families with their decision to invest in a KBS education, we have a robust Tuition Assistance programme.

Education at Kempenfelt Bay School

How Does Tuition
Assistance Work?

Families who are interested in applying for tuition assistance must submit an application to Apple Financial. Applications to Apple Financial must be submitted at the same time as your KBS application, as there is often a delay between Apple’s processing of applications and our admissions process.

Apple Financial will review the application and make a recommendation directly to the school regarding the assistance amount.

Families will need to re-apply for tuition assistance every year that they are enrolled at KBS. The school will remind families of the timelines associated with re-applying for tuition assistance.

Kempenfelt Bay provides need-based financial assistance to families through our partner Apple Financial. Families can receive up to 40% of the tuition cost in the form of a renewable bursary. 

As a great independent school, KBS seeks to admit great students: students with a variety of tangible and intangible talents that collectively define the school, and reflect the community. A school populated with a diversity of innate traits, passions, personalities, and experiences is fertile ground for creative thinking fueled by perspective.

Having outstanding students in our classrooms, art studio, music room, science lab, and on our playing fields elevates the achievements – academic and otherwise – of every KBS student, and we understand and appreciate the investment families make when they enroll at KBS. We do our best to assist families who qualify for tuition assistance and we use Apple Financial Services to assess the level of assistance. Apple Financial will do a thorough assessment of a family’s current situation and based on that assessment they will make a recommendation to KBS regarding an assistance amount.

Our goal is to help as many families as possible to the greatest degree possible.

Please feel free to call the school for further information on investing in a KBS education.

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Kind words from some of our students' parents

  • Our First Week at School

    A lot went into my decision to move my son to KBS, knowing full well that he is not a child who welcomes change. As a thinker, he seemingly had quite a lot of anxiety surrounding starting at KBS and some fairly “creative” preconceived notions about what it would be like. Throughout the summer we had many discussions about KBS and by the end of August he was excited and looking forward to the new adventure. Come the first day of school as we pulled into the parking lot, I watch all of the summer discussions and excitement drain from his face as reality set in.

    As a parent my heart ached for him, realizing the potential challenges that lay ahead of him that day. After a quick parking lot pep talk he (and I) put on a brave face and walked the path to the school. Immediately we were greeted by yourself, and the entire grade 8 class. We were shown to his class room and the friendly welcoming energy of everyone we passed was contagious. The organization and enthusiasm that went into that first day, that first impression, was invaluable!!

    That afternoon when I picked him up, to my surprise and relief I found a smiling content boy. He was genuinely happy and had a wonderful first day.

    Now, when I ask him who some of his friends are, he names classmates and then includes his teacher Mr. Wagner “because he’s my friend too”. He tells me how Mr. Wagner reassures him with feedback on his work and tells jokes in the class. As a parent hoping to provide opportunities to inspire the best in her child, I want to sincerely thank you and everyone at KBS for a great start to a new adventure!

    Mrs. Wallace has been an invaluable resource as well, she is so kind, approachable, and always has an answer to any of my many questions. The level of communication from the school is very welcomed and definitely provides a sense of security. I am grateful for the opportunity of our family to be part of this community and as the year goes on.

    All of this to say a truly heartfelt thank you to you and the entire KBS community for a seamless transition to new opportunities, experiences and a new school year!”


    — G.W.
  • Our First Week at School

    Hoping you had a nice long weekend!

    We had several interactions with different “new” people this weekend, and noticed each time how comfortable our son was in expressing himself with each new year person and situation. He was both engaging, and interested in each interaction, and was articulate (and interesting) in his comments.

    In contrast, just a few months ago, he would have been much more reserved and to himself, and I think this is for the most part due to your efforts at KBS with the JK class. It cannot be easy to connect with eighteen 3 to 5 year olds, to make each of them comfortable, and help them come out of their shells, yet you have done it!

    Before we met with you or visited KBS, we watched a video on their website, of your JK/SK classes, and immediately felt KBS and your homeroom would be the best place for Mika to start his academic journey, and it has proven to be an excellent choice.

    Thank you for all your efforts! We appreciate it, and are grateful for everything you do.

    Best regards,

    — F.S.
  • Newly Admitted to KBS

    Thank you and she and I are so excited!

    I would like to share, that after we came to see you, she was so happy and then she woke up the next day and told me, “Kindergarten?”

    For a few days she mentioned it and was giddy. It left an impression and made us smile.

    We can’t wait for next September.

    — G.P.
  • Grade Four

    My daughter has been at KBS for her entire education. Through JK, SK grade 1 the solid foundation was laid with her marvellous educators.

    In Grade 2, she became super engaged with the kindness and belief Mrs. Taylor had for her. Mrs. Taylor’s openness to my thoughts about, and for her were openly received and her belief she could do better provided her all the confidence in the world. This began the dramatic change!

    Building on that came Ms. Ahern in grade 3. Ms. Ahern’s sense of humour combined with her “no excuse” practice really built on Mrs. Taylor’s work. Ms. Ahern continued nurturing her confidence by giving her public speaking practice, a firm and gentle guide and sense of humour she could relate to. She was now off and running and truly loving school. Her maturity really shone through by the time she left the doors of grade 3.

    Now we are once again blessed!

    Mr. Wagner has been able to quickly identify her strengths and areas for improvement! I don’t know what is happening in grade four but she is not just DOING homework without an argument but she’s DREAMING of homework -“Mom, I dreamt I had five pages of C-Skills for homework!!” All the time laughing. This tells me she is becoming mindful and aware of her own responsibilities to her education! I am so incredibly excited and pleased. Mr. Wagner has been another fabulous contributor to her education.

    Mrs. FitzGerald, your belief in River, the teams’ belief in River has truly overwhelmed me. All too often we forget to thank the people who change our lives because we don’t recognize it soon enough, or we didn’t take the time to observe it.

    Thank you so very much to your teaching faculty and to you and Mr.White! You have all created open doors to me for my worries or concerns for, or about my daughter. I can confidently say every day is a joy.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • We could not be happier with our choice in sending our daughter to KBS!

    The more time we spend as members of the KBS community, the more we love this school! The building itself is an impressive, clean, modern and well-equipped facility. Having a strong emphasis on academic excellence was a huge factor in our decision. The co-curricular activities, included as part of the program, create such a well-rounded experience for the children, as well as the opportunity to try something new. A team spirit is fostered with the 4 different ‘houses’ competing for the cup and earning points throughout the year. The entire school participating in the same novel study, complete with a transformation of the school and staff to match the theme of the novel is just an incredible demonstration of school spirit!

    The single greatest asset to KBS, though, is the exceptional team of educators and support staff. From the admissions process with Ms. Calderon, to the administrative end of things with Mrs. Wallace and Mrs. Peralta, and into the classroom, things have been handled with professionalism, friendliness and courtesy.

    Our daughter adores Mrs. Hall! We feel so confident that our child is in excellent hands with Mrs. Hall, she has demonstrated how much she cares about each student and her experience and commitment to helping every child achieve his/her potential is evident in her lessons and her weekly updates, and how happy our daughter is to be going to school each day, to get in and start on her daily jobs! The small class sizes and communication between the teachers and staff mean that no student is an unknown number.

    Our daughter looks forward to her art and music classes with so much excitement! She seizes every opportunity to tell friends and family that she is learning French. She comes home every day and dives right in to her spelling homework.

    She is eager, she is interested, she loves KBS!

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