Top Reasons Parents Choose KBS

There are many reasons why parents have chosen to send their children to KBS.

Our High Academic Standards

Preparing students for a bright future including university-level options is the primary reason. As a university preparatory school, KBS’s emphasis on excellence starts with a sound academic curriculum, taught by qualified faculty. Leveraging our deep understanding of how each child grows and learns differently, we set the bar high and we get results.

Small Class Sizes

Another one of the reasons that parents have chosen KBS. With class size limited to just twenty students, KBS teachers focus on students’ individual needs, through regular monitoring of performance and adaptation to students’ learning styles. As a team, KBS faculty are committed to ensuring our students’ academic and social success.

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Balanced Education

With specialty programming in art, music and French, all taught by trained specialists, is a difference of choice to KBS parents. A daily physical education program, is additional proof that KBS delivers a well-rounded approach to our students’ education. The variety of co-curricular activities included in the school programming is also important to KBS parents. Our choirs, bands, clubs and athletic teams give every student the opportunity to learn and apply new skills.

Academic Programmes

Our 4 Cs

Student development at KBS is of the highest importance. Our school-wide, monthly character focused activities, community involvement activities and clubs, raise students’ awareness of their potential to change their world through thinking and acting globally. Coupled with a focus on growing the student’s confidence and competence leads every KBS student down a path to success.

The Four C's

Kempenfelt Bay School - Independent School Innisfil, Ontario Kempenfelt Bay School - Independent School Innisfil, Ontario Kempenfelt Bay School - Independent School Innisfil, Ontario

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