The Four C's of KBS

KBS is a community which inspires independent, lifelong learners by building competence, confidence and character.


“My child now has the confidence and independence to adapt and try new things”

At Kempenfelt Bay School, Art, Music, Drama and Physical Education are essential elements in your child’s development. Our students also enjoy an enriched Arts Programme through the teaching of an Art Specialist. Instrumental music instruction begins in Grade 3, and they are encouraged to enroll in the KBS Jazz and Concert Bands, the Spring Musical, and our Primary and Junior Choirs. The sum of all these parts builds and shapes our students today, into the community leaders of tomorrow.

To develop confidence, we offer:

  • Extensive co-curricular activities, including athletic teams, drama, clubs and Community Service.
  • Incorporation of inquiry based learning and a reflective learning profile into every grade.
  • Enriched learning opportunities, integrating community partnerships.
  • Public speaking/communication competency programming for all grades – JK to 8.
  • Leadership awareness and opportunities for all students.

Enriched Arts Programme

  • Art & Drama
  • Physical Education Programme
  • Instrumental & Vocal Music
  • Primary & Junior Choirs

Co-Curricular Activities

  • Clubs & Athletic Teams
  • Jazz & Concert Bands
  • Friendly House Activities
  • Theatrical Productions
  • After Four Programme
  • Mentoring Programme
Confidence - The Four C's at KBS
Competence - The Four C's at KBS


"Every year is a great year..."

We emphasize academic excellence at KBS. Each student’s progress is monitored, and programmes are individually tailored to ensure that each child progresses to his/her maximum potential. All students learn differently, and our teachers increase the possibility for success through a variety of teaching methods. Team teaching plays a key role in our integrated curriculum in every subject.

How do we develop competence?

  • Enhance attention to individual needs through regular monitoring of performance and adaptation to students’ learning styles.
  • Achieve undisputed excellence in core subjects such as language and math, as measured through annual CAT tests and other standardized performance tests.
  • Employ, develop and retain the best faculty and staff and provide a consistent performance evaluation system to support teachers’ performance.
  • Use technology to improve learning effectiveness and integrate the use of technology into a higher proportion of classes.
  • Provide French as a Second Language education in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8.
  • Maintain small class sizes (20 children).

Strong Academic Curriculum

  • Small Class Size
  • Certified Faculty
  • Character Education
  • Individualized Programming
  • French JK – Grade 8
  • Integrated Technology


"Help students learn to do the right thing..."

At KBS, we integrate character development and the ability to advocate for self and others using ethical means, into all learning experiences to support good citizenship on the local, national and global level.

As part of character development, we:

  • Enrich local community relationships by providing students with more opportunities to do outreach or volunteer work.
  • Incorporate global and environmental awareness and responsibility into the curriculum in all grades.
Character - The Four C's at KBS
Character - The Four C's at KBS


"The environment in which we live, work and learn is a mirror of our attitudes and efforts..."

We are building a strong community today and a stronger community for tomorrow.

We prepare our students for success in their educational endeavours and for leadership roles in the future. As the KBS students move on to their future careers, they will contribute to the growing quality of their communities.

As a community, we’re committed to:

  • Creating a culture where commitment to personal excellence, respect for self and others and good personal work habits creates a safe, calm and purposeful school environment.
  • Encouraging our parent volunteer base through participation on the Board and committees.
  • Developing KBS family relationships
  • Maintaining contact with KBS alumni and their families.

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