Griffin Fund: The Next Piece

KBS remains fortunate to have an exceptional community. Over the past year we, like many, have been tested in ways previously unimagined. We have been both proactive and reactive to changes brought about by the pandemic and through it, we have kept the welfare of our students and the entire community at the fore. As a result, we have started this school year in a position of strength, safety, and joy which can be attributed to both our planning and our past learnings.

Tuition covers the costs of school operations and the day-to-day running of the school. This includes program costs and materials, physical plant, and salaries. These areas alone account for 93% of all our annual operating costs. Charitable gifts, on the other hand, provide the much-needed support for additional growth such as programmatic enhancements, equipment, and any plans to enhance the land and facilities at the school.

This year, the Griffin Fund will focus on the second pillar of the current strategic plan; Strategic Growth. In particular, a very exciting change to our school footprint. When this land was first purchased, the corner piece on the southwest corner was not included in the process as the land was not ready for use. Through the work of the Board, we are now approaching the time when that piece will become the property of KBS and increase our footprint by almost a full hectare. 

This year, the Griffin Fund will support the remediation and preparation of this piece of land so that it may become part of our play area. 

This is a great news story for the students of KBS, and for the future planning of our property. By bringing this piece into the footprint as a grassed play area, it allows us to do more current outdoor programming and leaves it in a ready state for any future growth. It also is aligned with the strategic plan of the school as it is a growth moment for the school. The founders of our school would be proud to see that we continue to grow and ensure our permanence through this project. A project that serves both the students of today and the students of tomorrow.

Our deepest thanks for your support.

C White

Head of School

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