Our Mission

Kempenfelt Bay School (KBS) provides an exemplary education that empowers students to embrace their personal potential as productive and responsible global citizens. 

Our Mission at KBS

We are inspiring tomorrow’s leaders. We are a University Preparatory School with a focus on academics and the arts. A KBS education prepares students for University and beyond. It is our mission to support our students with a learning environment where they can work to their highest potential.

We believe in providing a higher standard of education so that the children we teach today will be inspired and empowered to do great things in the future. The value of education is something that is understood by professionals, executives and business owners.

This understanding often leads families to look for a higher standard of education for their children. Families make a conscious choice to attend KBS and we honour that decision by sharing their goals of high standards of education, a balanced approach to the arts, athletics and academics, and the development of great work habits.


Did you know? KBS is an independent school – it’s a non-profit, charitable organization that is run by a volunteer Board of Directors.

What does your child get at KBS?

Small Class Sizes

Better focus & dedication on
your child's education.

Arts Programme

Encouraging our students to try
new things and take risks.

Dedicated Music Programs

Developed creativity & artistic ability through
instrumental and vocal music lessons.

Daily French Studies

Authentic learning activities using
proven teaching strategies.

Enhanced Physical Education

Enhanced dedicated exercise exploring every
student’s potential inclusive environment.

Fun Co-Curricular Programs

Sports, clubs & activities aren't just extracurricular -
they're core parts of our education plan.

Kempenfelt Bay School - Independent School Innisfil, Ontario Kempenfelt Bay School - Independent School Innisfil, Ontario Kempenfelt Bay School - Independent School Innisfil, Ontario

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