Leadership at KBS

Community Leadership in Action Certificate

Kempenfelt Bay School has a very strong leadership programme, and is proud to award its deserving students the KBS Community Leadership in Action Certificate at the end of their Grade 8 year. In order to obtain the certificate, students must have completed at least two years of Middle School at KBS, fulfilled a minimum of 20 hours of Community and Service, and successfully completed an independent community and service project.

Giving importance to the sense of community encourages responsible citizenship as it seeks to deepen our students’ knowledge and understanding of the world around them.   Our Community and Service Programme develops each student’s sensitivity to the needs of the community and society in general, awareness of their role within the community, their willingness and skills to respond to the needs of others, and an altruistic attitude.  Throughout the process, students complete a leadership portfolio, which include student goals and reflections, certificates and awards, and highlights of achievements.  They also create their first resume, as they apply for a leadership role at the end of Grade 7.

As the students enter Middle School, they discover that leadership is a process rather than an event.  Students work to understand that active leadership may involve personal and public risks and opportunities.  In Grade 6, they reflect on what good citizenship is. Grade 7 allows the students to inquire into the qualities of leaders and the importance of building a strong team.  In Grade 8, students are required to put leadership into action, and take on a personal project.  With the assistance of a teacher mentor, students investigate, plan, take action and reflect on their success. Their projects are based on something they are passionate about, and through which they can hone their personal talents and skills. They present their project to our School Community in May, during a celebration.  Community Leadership in Action is a wonderful way for KBS students to discover the reality of self and others.

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