Five Things a Visit to Kempenfelt
Bay School Will Teach You

Kempenfelt Bay School

1. School Culture Matters

KBS promises a constantly reliable and thoughtful education, infused with meaningful experiences and influenced by relationships. When we think about school, or reflect on our own school experience, we quickly realize that while the academic program was the cornerstone, the culture of the school, the feeling it gave us each day and the relationships we built resonate deeply and are not soon forgotten. For those who know KBS, no cultural description is required. For those who do not yet know us, no description without a visit will suffice.

2. Relationships Matter

Education is human, not mechanical, and our relationships with each other both sustain us and enable our growth. To feel that we are known and understood matters to us, and relationships provide the foundation for this knowledge and understanding. Relationships enabling a belief that, “I can, I will” are at the heart of our approach at KBS.

3. Those Who Educate Matter

Nothing is more important than the people with whom a learner engages. At the heart of building relationships is the research based understanding that students learn their teachers before they can fully learn the material. The most important work we can do at KBS on behalf of our students is introducing the very best educators to their world.

4. Mission Matters

What a school aspires to fulfill needs to be at the core of all their decisions. Decisions relating to people, program, resources and desired outcomes must all spring from the mission; the reason the school exists. At KBS, our mission to provide an exemplary education that empowers students to embrace their personal potential as productive and responsible, global citizens, is the touchstone for the collective experience we provide.

5. Thoughtful and Intentional Teaching and Learning Matters

The synthesis of mission driven decisions, school culture, relationships and top educators create this outcome. Thoughtful and intentional teaching and learning is the sum of these parts and provides any KBS student the most robust and meaningful school experience. These core realities can be experienced with a visit to our school. When you visit any school, seek to experience these realities in action. They will inform your decision as you search for a school that matters.

Kempenfelt Bay School

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