Sean Calmels

Sean Calmels


Academic Credentials

  • Honours Bachelor of Arts in French Studies, York University.
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary and Junior Divisions) Lakehead University.
  • Masters of Education Lakehead University.
  • French as a Second Language Part 1.

Teaching Experience

Volunteering and working in multiple schools within the York Region District School Board, as well as Supply Teaching with the Toronto District School Board.

Current Teaching Role

Grade 4 - 8 French Teacher

What You Believe Matters Most in Schooling

What I believe matters the most in schooling is providing students with the opportunity to grow as future members of our community. Allowing students to make meaningful and positive connections to education and the life around them. Finally, providing them with support to be successful and Independent learners in the years to come.

What You Believe Matters Most in Education

Learning how to learn. Learning takes place all around us everyday and it’s important to understanding the importance of trying and doing our best no matter how challenging the obstacle is infront of us to overcome. 

What You Like Most About KBS

What I like most about KBS is, first and foremost the community. Being someone who isint from Simcoe, as soon as I walked through the doors at KBS, I felt like I have been here for years. Right away, I felt so welcomed by students and teachers and it is so refreshing to see. I also enjoy that the staff is committed to putting all of their efforts into ensuring that each student, no matter how unique, is capable of reaching their full potential.

Hobbies & Interests

Living around Toronto and having a passion for music, I enjoy getting out and finding local record stores around the city to fill up my collection or going to concerts and festivals at local venues whenever possible. Travelling is another big hobby of mine, discovering new places and cultures is something I love to do. You can also catch me at board game cafés, enjoying a lovely cup of coffee and playing the newest board game or taking some of my friends on a magically creative journey through Dungeons and Dragons.

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