Marisa Rupa

Marisa Rupa

Grade 3 Teacher

Academic Credentials

  • B.A., University of Waterloo
  • B.Ed., Lakehead University
  • Special Education Part 1, Nipissing University

Teaching Experience

Volunteer English instructor to foreign students at the University of Waterloo, Instructor for 1 year at a post secondary Adult Learning Centre, Occasional Teacher and Educational Assistant for 6 years with the SMCDSB, Occasional Teacher at KBS for 2 years.

Current Teaching Role

KBS Grade 6 Homeroom & Intermediate Language and Literature Teacher.

What You Believe Matters Most in Schooling

What matters most in schooling is the effort put forth by all teachers to provide the students with the skills and knowledge that will take them to the next level, each and every year.

What You Believe Matters Most in Education

I believe what matters most in education are the opportunities it provides and how it can be the driving force in making this world a better place.  Education opens minds and diminishes fears, and when we know better we do better.

What You Like Most About KBS

I like that the staff create bonds with the students and that the students return to let teachers know how they are doing.  I like that the students understand and appreciate that even though they have graduated they are always welcome to come back for assistance, guidance, or just a visit.

Hobbies & Interests

I LOVE to cook and take great joy in making dinners for friends and family.  I am obsessed with cookbooks and cooking shows from around the world. I read food magazines like I’m reading a good novel; folding down pages, savouring each word, title, and picture.  

I very much enjoy being involved with Special Olympics.  My daughter is an athlete, my husband is a coach, and my other daughter volunteers…..I am a great fan!  It is such a wonderful environment, demonstrating how we human beings are more alike than unalike.

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