Eric Jones

Eric Jones

Physical Education and Wellness - Grades JK-2; Before and After School Care Program

Academic Credentials

Recreation and Leisure Diploma

Teaching Experience

Camp Counselling for the City of Barrie, Sports Coach (primarily Volleyball), and Sports Instructor for many years.

Current Teaching Role

Physical Education and Wellness Teacher (Grades JK-2), Before and After School Care Program Coordinator.

What You Believe Matters Most in Schooling

I firmly believe that creating a warm and welcoming environment is very important in schooling. Creating an environment where students feel safe and develop trust not only in faculty but with other students greatly impacts on their success and their overall development.

What You Believe Matters Most in Education

I believe that developing relationships between faculty and students can play one of the biggest roles in education. One size doesn't fit all when it comes to child development and education. Knowing personalities and understanding what drives each student can lead to greater success in their education and development.

What You Like Most About KBS

The sense of community and the positive energy from everyone is something pretty special. As soon as I walk into the school I can always feel the positivity and welcoming energy that faculty and students give off. 

Hobbies & Interests

I am a very energetic and active individual. You can always find me running around, playing games or starting them. I am heavily into sports with Volleyball, Soccer and Track/Field being my favourites. Health and fitness is another big passion of mine. I enjoy training first thing in the morning and also training others.

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