Physical Education & Health Programme

By Jonathan Monkcom


What makes the KBS physical education and health programme programme special?

The Physical Education and Health programme at KBS explores all areas of a healthy lifestyle. There is daily dedicated time to exploring every student’s potential in an inclusive environment. Students are able to take a scientific approach to monitor their progress and improvement throughout the program by focusing on repeatable measures of functional fitness.

There is daily dedicated time to exploring every student’s potential in an inclusive environment.

Jonathan Monkcom

Physical and Health Education

Academic Credentials

  • Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science)
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Physical Education and Health)


Teaching Experience

  • 2 years Secondary Physical and Health Sciences
  • 9 years Elementary Physical Education and Health


Current Teaching Role

JK-Gr. 8 Physical Education & Health Teacher and Athletic Director


What You Believe Matters Most in Schooling

Developing strong work habits to reveal an individual’s potential.


What You Believe Matters Most in Education

To never stop learning! Education is a lifelong pursuit that will take an individual down many paths. Go along for the ride!


What You Like Most About KBS

The community aspect and personal interactions I have with all students and teachers everyday. It is a rarity in my subject area to feel you have a connection to every student in the school everyday of the week.


Hobbies & Interests

Most of my non-teacher/non-parent time is dedicated to woodworking. I enjoy projects that allow me to work with nature and develop a deeper connection with our natural world.

Programme Structure

  • Application of functional life-long fitness to any sport or game for success.
  • Wide range of movements, games and sports covered at an introductory level to spark student interest.
  • A focus on building the character traits of persistence and resilience.

Personal Vision

Health and well-being has always been and always WILL be a major priority for the human race. Our ability to physically respond to our needs and desires will determine our overall happiness as a society. Despite the uncertainty of the future, the desire to do the things we want to do will continue to be reliant on the intake of quality fuel and the pursuit of activity.
The concept of functional fitness (practicing movements that help us be great at everyday life) feeds into this and IS my personal vision to prepare students for the life that awaits them. Focusing on functional fitness on a daily basis will allow students to form a healthy relationship with physical activity and eliminate personal fitness as a barrier to happiness in the future.

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