Music & Drama Programme

Music is a Part of Our Students’ Everyday Life

By Caroline Heo

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What makes the KBS music programme special?

Creativity and artistic abilities within each child are developed through programmes covering instrumental and vocal music. By enhancing each student’s sense of self-worth, our music programme helps students broaden their skills, imagination and intellect through the study of concert or jazz band instruments, vocal music, musical theatre skills and musical theory.

One of the goals I have for my students is that they will learn that music is an universal language and that it can be found all around us!

Caroline Heo

Music & Drama

Academic Credentials

  • Bachelor of Music at Queen’s University
  • Bachelor of Education – Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior Divisions  at Queen’s University
  • Intermediate and Senior Divisions – History
  • Guidance and Career Education, Part 1
  • English as a Second Language, Part 1
  • Special Education, Part 1


Teaching Experience

  • Brebeuf College School
  • King’s Christian Collegiate
  • Immanuel Christian School
  • Milton Christian School
  • Bronte College
  • Kempenfelt Bay School


Current Teaching Role

Music and drama teacher


What You Believe Matters Most in Schooling

Challenging students to be creative and critical thinkers. Students are able to develop their social and self-management skills, as well as work habits.


What You Believe Matters Most in Education

I believe in every student’s success. It is a teacher’s job to assist the students to reach their full potential, and that potential is what I strive to help my students achieve.


What You Like Most About KBS

This is my second year of teaching at KBS, and I really like how all staff are supportive of each other. I had a lot of responsibilities to take on last year, and everyone offered to help. This made my first year at KBS a memorable experience. I am also excited to be with the students every day because they are engaged in their learning. I feel grateful to work with students who want to learn and be successful.

Programme Structure

Throughout the school year, KBS students participate in many musical venues such as, Remembrance Day ceremony, Holiday concert, local Christmas Parade, annual musicals, The Conference of Independent Schools Music Fesitval (CISMF), Barrie Music Festival (BMF), and our annual Grandparent’s Day Spring Showcase
These valuable experiences help students to appreciate music and experience the effort and the amount of time that have put in to master one’s musicianship. One of the goals I have for my students is that they will learn that music is an universal language and that it can be found all around us!.

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