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Independent Schools VS. Private Schools

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A strong and predictable school is an essential tool to exceed the average acceptable standard of learning and leadership. It can inspire students to change the world and shape the future of education. There has been growth of alternative schools in Canada, due to the continued unpredictability in the other systems. Students come to Kempenfelt Bay School for an educational experience that will bring them closer to the goals they are trying to reach. Our independence from Government and Institutional influence defines the differences and separates us from both Private schools and other systems. How do you, as parents, decide which route is best for your childs future? Determining the distinctive benefits of Independent schools will help you make the best decision for your child and their future.

Basic differences between the Independent and Private schooling systems.

To many, independent and private seem interchangeable, but the difference in funding is significant. Independent schools are able to define their own mission, teacher credentials, and the freedom to regulate their own admission requirements. True independent schools are not-for-profits and have a registered charitable number with the government of Canada. The tuition paid by parents is required for the daily operations of the school. Private schools, on the other hand, are mainly controlled by one or more people that have the control over what percentages of the funding goes back into the school.

Independent schools are able to modify different aspects of how education is received. Smaller class sizes are linked to positive educational benefits like better marks and fewer dropouts. At KBS, our students are able to thrive in a smaller classroom and get the specific, individual attention to help them succeed.

Kempenfelt Bay School an Independent School creates Confidence

Benefits of Independent Schools

Kempenfelt Bay School has small classroom sizes

Parents are able to be more involved in and around their childs education. Since KBS is a smaller independent school, we are able to have them quite involved. A board of trustees is accountable for the health of the school and students and parents are potential candidates to get involved and join the board of trustees.

A quality education is what parents strive towards for their children. Parents can now choose how they want their children to be educated. Choosing independent schooling has become a popular choice for parents. There are 1,935 independent schools in Canada with almost 400,000 students enrolled. Trying a new and innovative method of teaching can set your child apart from the rest.

Kempenfelt Bay School is Simcoe County's only independent school

Of the over 1900 Independent schools in Canada, only 90 are members of CAIS (Canada Accredited Independent Schools) and continuously undergo a reflective and collaborative school improvement process to meet National Standards in research and professional development. Of the over 90 CAIS schools, KBS is the only one in all of Simcoe County.

Independent schools have the freedom to define the paths towards a successful education. At KBS, we like to think of our school as a large family rather than a small school. Everyone has equal opportunities to succeed and find themselves. Socrates believes that to find oneself you must think for yourself. Kempenfelt Bay School believes in teaching your children to think for themselves and to reach their goals through independent education.

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