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Our Community Keeps the School Strong

KBS remains fortunate to have an exceptional community. Over the past several months we, like many, have been tested in ways previously unimagined. We have been both proactive and reactive to changes brought about by the pandemic and through it, we have kept the welfare of our students and the entire community at the fore. As a result, we have started this school year in a position of strength, safety, and joy which can be attributed to both our planning and our past learnings.

The interesting thing about what lies ahead, though, is that it can seldom be seen. The road travelled is rarely straight and when we think about the future of KBS we need to consider not only what is down the road, but that which is down the road and around the bend. What is it that we may encounter but on which we do not yet have a line of sight? We know this is a possibility because it is our current reality. 

Knowing this allows us to plan. We can plan and accumulate resources for the future regardless of what it delivers. It is with this in mind that I write to you about the KBS Griffin Fund. The Griffin Fund is the annual fund at KBS and is designed to raise funds for the priorities and needs of the school that we believe may emerge down the road and around the bend.

Tuition covers most of the cost of school operations and the day to day running of the school. The most significant of these costs are the people and program costs, and the ongoing physical plant needs. In fact, these two areas alone account for 93% of all our annual costs. Charitable gifts, on the other hand, provide the much-needed support for additional needs such as programmatic enhancements, equipment, and support of the unforeseen as it emerges.

All gifts, of any size, make a difference and your gift acts as a vote of confidence, demonstrating your support of KBS. There is a reciprocity that exists between our donors and Kempenfelt Bay School. It states that you value the mission of the school and work that the school is doing, and therefore support it to the best of your ability.

All members of the KBS community are asked to participate to whatever degree they can, and as a not-for-profit organization, a tax receipt will be issued for your donation.

This year, the Griffin Fund will focus on the school being prepared for what may be around the bend. We have successfully weathered, and continue to weather, continuous change and unexpected needs in order to ensure both the running and safety of the school. This year, we split the JK and SK class, doubled our cleaning staff, brought in the appropriate and ongoing PPE needs and invested in a substantial amount of IT equipment to ensure a meaningful remote experience for those who need it. These types of needs were, eight months ago, around the bend.

In support of what may be around the bend for the remainder of this school year, we ask that you consider a gift to the Griffin Fund. This can be done simply be reaching out to me and starting a conversation or by following the link to donate below.

If, at any time, you would like to meet and discuss the vision for KBS and how giving will further our mission to provide an exemplary education that empowers students to embrace their personal potential as productive and responsible global citizens, I would be pleased to host you.

It is with my sincerest gratitude and on behalf of the entire Kempenfelt Bay School community that I thank you for all of your current and ongoing support.

All the very best,


20% funded

What is the Griffin Fund

Each year, all parents are asked to support KBS through our tax-deductible Annual Giving Program called the Griffin Fund. These generous donations help us continue to deliver the best possible education for our students and support our strategic priorities. While tuition covers most of the cost of school operations, charitable gifts provide the much-needed support for additional needs such as programmatic enhancements and equipment.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes! As an independent school and a registered Canadian charity, KBS will issue you an official tax receipt for the full amount of your gift.

When does the fund close?

KBS accepts gifts all year 🙂 – thank you!

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