French Programme - Kempenfelt Bay School

French Programme

Every Day, for Every Student

By Liisa Taverner


What makes the KBS French programme special?

At KBS, learning French as a second language is fun! The students from JK to Grade 5 participate in authentic learning activities using strategies such as the Accelerative Integrated Method (AIM) and Histoires en Action. This technique pares gestures with commonly used French vocabulary and phrases. Music, singing, drama, games and daily immersion in the French language, allow our students to embrace the spontaneous, meaningful moments that arise. Students are enthusiastic, connected to the teacher and are relaxed and happy about learning.

It is my hope that as students enter middle school, they will have a love of language learning and a solid foundation in French.

Liisa Taverner


Academic Credentials

  • Certificate Learning Disabilities Specialist: Learning Strategies and Assistive Technologies, Cambrian College
  • TEFL Certification, International College of Applied Linguistics
  • AIM Certification
  • AIM Language Learning Institute


Teaching Experience

Throughout my 17 years at Kempenfelt Bay School, I have worked with grades JK through 8 as a Core French teacher.  In addition to this role, I has also taught English as a second language and worked as a Learning Strategist and Assistive Technologist.  Prior to my role at KBS, I was a teaching assistant at Au Jardin du Soleil, a French Nursery School in Barrie, Ontario.


Current Teaching Role

JK to Grade 5 French Second Language Teacher.


What You Believe Matters Most in Schooling

I believe that learning a second language is a great asset to the cognitive process.  It helps students learn the mechanics of a language and therefore makes them more effective in editing and writing in English.


What You Believe Matters Most in Education

I believe in taking risks in learning in order to stay current,  knowledgeable and open minded to an ever changing world.  Taking an interest in other people and their cultures makes life interesting and broadens one’s ability to further enhance a personal education experience for everyone.


What You Like Most About KBS

What I like most about KBS is the sense of community she feels with colleagues and KBS families. I have enjoyed many adventures throughout the years and is excited to be part of the next chapter of the “Little School that Could”.


Hobbies & Interests

I was one of the founding teachers of Kempenfelt Bay School.  I lovee going to live theatre of any kind and have performed with Kempenfelt Community Players.  I have volunteered with Theatre By the Bay and supports Arts and Culture in Barrie. I can often be seen attending a monthly foreign film.  I have a passion for family history and have become quite a genealogist.

Programme Structure

Classes are busy and full of energetic chatter as students increase comprehension, enhance memory retention and learn vocabulary. In addition, technology is used as a valuable tool to enhance learning. Applications such as Google Classroom, Quizlet Live and French videos are used to make French accessible at home where students can continue to practice their second language.

French culture is a very important component of our programme. Students make global connections as they have opportunities to use their French skills creatively and meaningfully during the annual French Culture week.

Personal Vision

It is my hope that as students enter Middle School, they will have a love of language learning and a solid foundation in French. I want them to be able to communicate with confidence and fluency but realize that learning a second language is a lifelong endeavour.

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