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Educational Directions

Head of School

It has been said, “everything that is sudden, was gradual”. I have always reflected on this during times of change. Often, if we had looked hard enough or had been better equipped the change would not have been as difficult.

Times of change can be stressful and unpredictable, particularly when the change is abrupt. Many of us face moments like this daily and consider them a fact of life. When change comes to education, the stress can be even more acute as it impacts our children. Public education in Ontario and how it is managed, is about to change. For parents and families who value the quality of their child’s educational journey, it is important to consider and be very thoughtful about what truly matters.

In Ontario’s publicly funded schools, provincially mandated changes can be imposed resulting in a challenge for even the most committed schools. Newly announced provincial realities have caught the attention of many and are prompting them to further consider what is best for their child.      These upcoming changes include:

  • Class size caps
  • Curriculum
  • Teacher hiring processes
  • Upcoming contract negotiations
  • Funding priorities

At Kempenfelt Bay School, educational change is executed by the professional educators within the school. We can embrace and create meaningful change in short order, enact new strategies, allow creative ideas to be tested and ensure that students are always the primary focus of the change.

Aligned with our Strategic Plan 2018 – 2023, our class sizes (max of 18 in JK/SK, max of 20 grades 1-4, max of 22 grades 5-8), full day Kindergarten programming and thoughtful hiring practises that support our inquiry based academic program are already in place. Knowing this provides our families with peace of mind and an understanding of what to expect from us each day now and going forward.

When change influences something we hold close, we want it to be meaningful. Educational change should showcase the kind of critical and thoughtful thinking we hope to see in each of our students. It is always helpful to know alternatives exist in a place where mission appropriate, future focused, creative thinking is at the root of all decision making.

Christopher White
Head of School


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