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Co-curricular Programme

What makes the KBS co-curricular programme programme special?

The Physical Education and Health programme at KBS explores all areas of a healthy lifestyle. There is daily dedicated time to exploring every student’s potential in an inclusive environment. Students are able to take a scientific approach to monitor their progress and improvement throughout the program by focusing on repeatable measures of functional fitness.

At KBS we don’t believe that sports, clubs & activities should be “extra” to the curriculum, that’s why we call our programme co-curricular. This is a core belief that is held by Your Education Team and it’s part of our education plan.

Student Participation

We have a club for every interest and we encourage each student to participate in at least one club.

  • Offer an opportunity to pursue interests outside of academics
  • Meet new friends
  • Explore new opportunities


All Inclusive

The cost for the co-curricular programme is included in our tuition fees as we don’t believe that there should be any barrier for our students to take part in these programmes.

School Sports

Cross Country
Track & Field
Skipping Club


Environment Club
Pay It Forward Service Club
Yearbook CLub
Battle of the Books
Math Games Club
Games Club
Gardening Club
Movie Maniacs Club
Building Club
Annual Spelling Bee
Board Games Club
Rainbow Looming Club
Cooking Club
Card Games Club
Chess Club
Debate Club
Speech Club

Art & Music Clubs

Jazz Band
Concert Band
Drama Club
Musical Production
Sewing Club
Photography Club
Folk Choir
Rainbow Looming Club
Poetry Club
Craft Club

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