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Our Alumni

Hannah Fletcher – Class of 2011

Joining KBS in Grade 5, Hannah’ 11 was involved in multiple curricular activities, including Concert and Jazz Band, Track and Field, and Cross Country. In her graduating year, she was elected Head Girl. After graduating from KBS, she attended St. Joseph’s Catholic High School and completed the second semester of Grade 12 at Neuchâtel Junior College.

Hannah is studying Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto. Her commitment to being involved in her school community began at KBS and has continued throughout university. Hannah leads an Acapella choir on campus, is on a competitive Dragon Boat team, performs with a Ballroom Dance Club, and plays the violin.

In addition to her work outside of school, Hannah is also a  Human Factors Student with Healthcare Human Factors. In her role, Hannah works to identify potential medical errors to prevent patient harm improving the patient and caregiver experience.

When reflecting on balancing her academics with other commitments, she says, “in university, there were times I looked back to who I was at KBS. I reflected on the way KBS encouraged us to find our drive, passion, and work ethic. These were skills learned through the education and activities I was involved in at KBS. Being encouraged to learn them at a young age helped me to apply them in my later years.”

“KBS inspired me to always set the bar high for myself. I consistently challenge myself to jump over that bar and continue to set and achieve future goals.”


Dhruv Krishnan – Class of 2011

Dhruv Krishnan ‘11  joined the KBS community in Grade 1. Over the years, Dhruv was a member of the Jazz and Concert Bands, Battle of the Books Team Captain, and in his graduating year was elected Head Boy.

Upon graduating from KBS, Dhruv attended St. Andrew’s College in Newmarket for grades 9 through 12. He graduated with a 97-per-cent average and was once again awarded the title of Head Boy.

“At KBS, we were required to juggle various academic and extracurricular commitments. This allowed me to begin to develop more efficient time management skills which have been valuable in university,” reflects Dhruv.  His leadership and academic achievements were recognized by Queens University when he was offered one of ten spots into their QuARMS program — an accelerated two-year undergraduate program that prepares students for direct entry into medical school. Dhruv was also awarded the Queen’s University Chancellor’s Scholarship, for “students who demonstrate superior academic ability, creative and original thinking, involvement in school or community activities, and proven leadership.”

“KBS placed a strong emphasis on community involvement and educated us about life outside the classroom; this has helped shape my career path in medicine,” says Dhruv. Enroute to completing his medical degree in 2021, he looks forward to a career in medicine with a focus on global health and quality improvement.


Annaliese Surrman – Class of 2010

Annaliese ‘10 joined KBS in Grade 2 and quickly become involved in athletics and arts.  While at KBS, Annaliese was on the  Cross Country, Track & Field, Soccer and Basketball team. She also partook in after-school Art Clubs, sang in the CISMF choir, and played the clarinet on the Jazz and Concert bands. In her Grade 8 year, Annaliese was elected Art Head.

After graduating from KBS, Annaliese attended St. Joseph’s High School. “KBS helped prepare me for some of the more difficult courses or learning curves that others may not have expected. I was a little overwhelmed with the change in class sizes, however, KBS did teach me to be an outgoing, confident student who had no problem making new friends and trying sports and activities,” she says. Upon graduation, Annaliese received an award for Excellence in Law courses.

“KBS taught me to be kind, giving, compassionate, and thankful for everything in my life. I was treated with respect and civility and was taught to do the same to others. I truly believe KBS made me a better person and helped shape not only my emotional intelligence but also my sense of self. KBS taught me to give everything my all, and to not shy away from any opportunity, no matter how challenging or scary it may be. The reward is always worth it.”

Annaliese’s passion for helping others led her to pursue a Bachelor of Social Work degree at Laurentian University.  In 2018, Annaliese graduated from Laurentian University with a Bachelor of Social Work degree.  She currently lives in Barrie and works as a Registered Social Worker at Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care. In her role, Annaliese works in the Central Intake department, providing navigation and clinical services for both inpatients and outpatients in the Simcoe County area. She helps delegate services for those in mental health crisis as well as managing patient and client flow within the hospital. 

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