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We emphasize academic excellence at Kempenfelt Bay School. Team teaching plays a key role in our integrated curriculum in every subject. Instrumental music instruction begins in Grade 3, and French as a Second Language begins in Junior Kindergarten and continues through Grade 8. Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Science and computer skills are taught interactively.
Each student’s progress is monitored, and programmes are individually tailored to ensure that each child progresses to his or her maximum potential. As all students learn differently, our teachers increase the possibility for success through the use of a variety of teaching methods.

Evolving Education

The Academic Programme at Kempenfelt Bay School has evolved from the very simple principles of founding families of the school.  Their objective, in establishing the school in 1999, was to provide an educational environment that would challenge young people to become the best version of themselves, and to open the doors of future opportunity.

Offering Choice

At KBS, we define opportunity as choice.  It is our desire, and the desire of the families who choose KBS, to ensure that when children are finishing their mandatory school career (high school), they have every choice available to them.  They can attend a four-year university; they can attend a community college; they can strike out on their own in business; they can travel the world!  It will be their choice, but they will have all choices.


Primary – Grades K-2

In the primary grades, we focus on strong, fundamental literacy skills.  We want all of our students to have good reading, writing and numeracy skills.  We want them to learn how to do cursive writing and to memorize their times tables.  All of these foundations affect different parts of the brain, from the logical-rational side, to the creative side and the long-term memory and executive functions that tie them together.  Children who develop these skills love to learn and look forward to a lifetime of learning.

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Junior – Grades 3-5

In the junior grades,  our emphasis is on the application of those literacy and numeracy skills to “learn how to learn.”  Students develop good note-taking skills, research skills and the organizational skills necessary to take an interest and turn it into a presentation to share with, and teach, others.


Middle School – Grades 6-8

In the middle school grades, the focus is on inquiry-based learning leading to critical thinking skills, global applications leading to an understanding of their place in the world, and community-service learning leading to the desire and opportunity to “act” in the service of others.  Most importantly, we emphasize independent work habits ensuring they are well prepared for an academic high school programme.

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